Compatible HP 564XL Cyan Ink


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Compatible HP 564XL Cyan Ink

Compatible with the following HP OEM part numbers:

  • HP 564XL Cyan Ink
  • HP CB323WN

Page Yield: 750

The cartridge fits the following printers:

HP Deskjet 3070A All-in-One, HP Deskjet 3520 e-All-in-One

HP Deskjet 3521 e-All-in-One, HP Deskjet 3522 e-All-in-one

HP Deskjet 3526 e-All-in-One, HP Officejet 4610 All-in-One

HP Officejet 4612 All-in-One, HP Officejet 4620 e-All-in-One

HP Officejet 4622 e-All-in-One

HP Photosmart 5510 e-All-in-One, HP Photosmart 5511

HP Photosmart 5512, HP Photosmart 5514 e-All-in-One

HP Photosmart 5515 e-All-in-One, HP Photosmart 5520 e-All-in-One

HP Photosmart 5522 e-All-in-One, HP Photosmart 5525 e-All-in-One

HP Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-One, HP Photosmart 6512 e-All-in-One

HP Photosmart 6515

HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One, HP Photosmart 6525 e-All-in-One

HP Photosmart 7510 e-All-in-One, HP Photosmart 7515 e-All-in-One

HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One, HP Photosmart 7525 e-All-in-One

HP PhotoSmart B8550, HP Photosmart B8553, HP Photosmart C5324

HP Photosmart C5370, HP Photosmart C5373, HP Photosmart C5380

HP Photosmart C5383, HP Photosmart C5388, HP Photosmart C5390

HP Photosmart C5393, HP Photosmart C6324, HP Photosmart C6340

HP Photosmart C6350, HP Photosmart C6380, HP Photosmart D5460

HP Photosmart D5463, HP Photosmart D5468, HP Photosmart D7560

HP PhotoSmart Plus All-in-One B209a

HP PhotoSmart Plus e-All-in-One B210a, HP PhotoSmart Plus e-All-in-One B210b

HP PhotoSmart Plus e-All-in-One B210c, HP PhotoSmart Plus e-All-in-One B210e

HP PhotoSmart Plus e-All-in-One Printer B210d

HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax All-in-One C309a

HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One C410a

HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One C410b

HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One C410e

HP PhotoSmart Premium Web All-in-One C309n

HP PhotoSmart Premium e-All-in-One C310a

HP PhotoSmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer B110a

HP PhotoSmart e-All-in-One B010a, HP PhotoSmart e-All-in-One B010b

HP PhotoSmart eStation C510a

HP PhotoSmart 5512 e-All-in-One

HP PhotoSmart Premium All-in-One C309g

HP PhotoSmart Premium e-All-in-One C310b,

HP PhotoSmart Premium e-All-in-One C310c

HP PhotoSmart Premium e-All-in-One B110c



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6 reviews for Compatible HP 564XL Cyan Ink

  1. Melonie Sharp (verified owner)

    Love the low cost refills

  2. Sevi (verified owner)

    Great Ink

  3. Teuna Jagersma (verified owner)

    Great service!

  4. E VanDyk (verified owner)

    Awesome service!

  5. Oliver Pattison (verified owner)

  6. James Konkler (verified owner)

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