Tips & Tricks


Tips & Tricks


Use me, or lose me. Cartridges use a fast drying ink therefore several prints a month will keep the print head from clogging with dried ink.

Non printhead cartridges used in Brother & Epson printers- do not let the printer ever sit empty. Ink needs to be present at the printhead. Always have a second set to switch out right away.

Store your inkjet cartridges in a cool place if not using right away.

NEVER update your Epson & HP printer software / firmware. This may lock you our from using refilled or generic cartridges.


Laser cartridges do not having drying time. So have that second spare cartridge available on shelf so you’re never ‘down” when needed. Sunday @ 8pm for kids school project Monday morning!

SAY ''NO'' to automatic updates

Automatic updates may stall your printer, costing you time and money. 

This link will assist you in turning off automatic updates.

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